Current Obituaries Update

On October 9th we will be implementing updates to the obituary console. These updates are intended to provide additional functionality and improved appearance of the final obituary.  Some of the added functionality changes include:

1) integration with global search engines for each deceased individual thus allowing a person to go to their favorite search engine and enter the deceased name in order to find your obituary listing without having to first know where the service is being provided
2)  selection of service type.  i.e. funeral, memorial or cremation
3) selectable background colors for the outside border areas of your obituaries — over 16,000,000 colors to choose from in an easy to use color picker widget
4) improved layout of the Obituaries page on your website
5) many style changes to make your obituaries stand out more in the viewer’s eyes.

Funeral Home Director Program

We at Funeral Works are in the process of writing a full Funeral Home Management program that will address all aspects of your business. We envision it to include financials, internet, marketing, forms and certificates, obituaries, obituaries releases to the media and more.

Now is your chance to tell us what you want to see in your next generation management software.

Leave us your features wish list by clicking on contact us or call us at 800-845-8335 and ask for Funeral Works Support.