Bear Rivera of Hobart, IN, March 24, 2014 – January 2, 2024



We had the privilege to love Bear his whole life. Bear had so many amazing qualities to him and had the best personality. He was a protector, a lover, the best companion, the most loyal friend, the craziest wrestler,  and most of all our forever family member. Bear loved his countless belly rubs, car rides, our socks, discussions, playing fetch, watching us do yard work and most of all, he loved his brother Jeremiah and sister Frankie.  His concern for his family was always his top priority. He would pace the house throughout the nights to keep tabs on all of us and to be sure we were ok. His favorite spot was the front door, he was going to see who came in and who went out rather we moved his bed or not. Bear had the softest intuition to our feelings and was always right there beside us to cheer any of us up when needed and he always knew when one of us were bored and needed him to get us off our butts. His love for nature was unmeasurable. He loved all the creeks, and rivers he could get in to. He loved hiking and swimming at the beach, and most of all chasing rabbits, squirrels and birds. Bear loved basking in the summer sun, and chilling in the winter snow. He loved people watching and going on long walks. And most of all he loved when dad was at work or out of town because rules didn’t apply to him then. Bear truly had the kindest, sweetest, loving, and most loyal soul there was! What we would give to take one last walk with our boy or pull up to see him peaking his head in the front door window. Our hearts are broken with losing him and sitting in our now quiet home. 


We love you FOREVER BEAR and thank you for being the best, and most loyal protector to our children Jeremiah and Francesca. You are forever in our hearts. 

Beans David of CP, December 8, 2023 – December 30, 2023

Josie Nowaczyk of Crown Point , February 10, 2010 – September 3, 2022

Josie Nowaczyk of Crown Point , DOB Unk. – September 3, 2022



Bella Hartig of Valparaiso, DOB Unk. – August 10, 2020

Morris Holcomb of Griffith, IN, DOB Unk. – April 22, 2020

Wilma Gonzalez of Valparaiso, IN, DOB Unk. – February 8, 2020

To my beloved pet, Wilma. My”Resolute Protector” will always be remembered and missed by everyone who she touched. I will never forget her and always love her and always love her sweet demeanor.

Scooter Nowaczyk of Crown Point, DOB Unk. – February 7, 2020

Milo Szczepanski of Crown Point IN, DOB Unk. – July 21, 2019

Milo Szczepanski of Crown Point crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Sunday July 21, 2019, after spending eleven wonderful, love filled years with her family. Milo as preceded in death by her best friend, Otis. Although Milo was eleven years old that did not stop her from from escaping her pen to get on top of the counter to eat bananas or bagels every once in awhile. Milo would surprise anyone with her Ninja skills. Milo loved bananas and papaya pellets. Milo’s kisses were warm and scratchy. Milo was a sweet, kind and funny rabbit, and she will be terribly missed.

Milo SCZCEPANSKI of Crown Point, IN, DOB Unk. – July 21, 2019