Caesar Salter of South Holland, IL, September 1, 2011 – May 5, 2019

Caesar, who’s name was Toby at the time was born from his parents Wayne & Trisha out of Detroit MI and came into our lives September of 2011.

Residing in a South Suburban area of Chicago we weren’t able to pick him up ourselves, so we hired someone to transport Caesar to us.

As small as he was, Caesar Caesar had a personality so big that it affected every person he came into contact with even the delivery driver who was kind enough to send pictures and keep us updated as they were making there way to our home.

Once he arrived you can literally feel the love pouring out of him as he was put into our arms and from that moment on we knew he was more than a pet.

Throughout the years like any other dog Caesar has ran, jumped, ate, slept and played but unlike any dog he would smile which I thought was so unusual but it made the day better.

He was there for comfort during hard times, therapeutic even. More importantly his spirit was so loving and angelic which is something that we all as his family will miss the most. We love you Caesar, Rest well.

Tickle Ackoff of Valparaiso, IN, December 16, 2003 – April 15, 2019

I drove to Ft. Dodge, Iowa to meet Tickle on Valentine’s Day 2004. She was the perfect little lady even then.

Tickle went everywhere with me. the first winter she weiighed  about 3 pounds, and I tucked her into the front of my parka to keep her warm.She cam e to the university with me, and would run to greet her favorite students. Then she would wait patiently in my office untill class was over and she could play some more.

I named her “Tickle”, derived from the German word “teckel”for dachshund. She always pretended to be a little aloof. She would get close enough to visitors and then would scoot away before they could pet her. She enjoyed a good game of tag. She explored her yard tirelessly, checking beneath the birdbath and behind the day-lilies .

When I brought Weema- pup home, Tickle ignored her for the longest time. The day Tickle took Weema’s back legin her mouth and growled, Weemawas thrilled – a combination of joy and terror. After Tickle let go, Weema wiggled back over as if to say, “do it again!”

Paddy Barnes of Kouts, IN, April 20, 2006 – May 4, 2019

Paddy Bailey Barnes, April 20, 2006 to May 4, 2019

Paddy was adopted from Nbran (national Brittany Rescue & Adoption Network) on July 27th, 2010. Besides being our super sweet and minky soft daughter, she was a Delta Therapy Dog and a member of Power Paws where she spent her free Saturday’s at libraries reading with children. She was a special fur baby and amazingly sweet especially considering the abuse she suffered early in her life, abuse that would require the amputation of a back leg. We are so thankful to her foster mom, Cathy Schadel who cared for her and willed our little girl to get better. we are also grateful for all the kids that read stories to Paddy and made her happy! WE are thankful to Vale Park Animal Hospital for giving us an added year with her because of their skilled and compassionate treatment for her heart condition. Paddy is survived by a daddy, mommy and 3 siblings (Buzzby, Lilly & Emmalin) who misses her very much!! Preceded in death by siblings, Ambercrombie, Remington, Winchester & Weatherby.

Fergus Clark of Valparaiso, DOB Unk. – June 18, 2018

Faith Lambert of Lake Station, IN, DOB Unk. – April 11, 2019